About Us

Welcome To JJ Brother Ent LLC

JJ Brothers was founded in 2018 by the Shoroye brothers, Jordan, and Joel. The young Nigerian entrepreneurs combined to satisfy a gap in the market for authentic goods to the black community.
JJ Brothers is focused on providing affordable high quality African goods to UK consumer’s wholesale which are exported from Africa. Our flagship good ‘JJ Brothers palm wine’ is our pride and joy. However, our products contain a wide range of items from essential Indomie noodles and reliable X-pression hair to classics such as original Coke, Semovita, Golden Morn etc.

Mission Statement

Our modern approach focuses on friendly interactions with clients by utilising the vitality of youth and applying the standards of tradition.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to expand to offer delivery services to cities all over the UK so we can connect Afro Caribbeans regardless of location. To combat a growing occurrence of cultural appropriation all our goods are sourced overseas from West Africa.

24 hours Customer service available

Call Us On: +447539996911

Pure African Content Dristributor